6 Part time Jobs that Pay Well

Paying the bills is not easy and sometimes one job wont cut, its always wise to scan second options to work part time if you primary job allows you.

#1 Photographer

All you need is to invest in a high quality, well branded camera, some business cards and get yourself out there.

#2 Lifeguard

If you have already learnt to swim (or you can start learning), you just need to get certificated and then start sending in your applications.

#3 Cashier

You may not be extremely good at math, but once you can count, start searching even locally for job offers.

#4 Blogger

This is very popular nowadays, all you need to do is find the niche that’s un-competitive and be patient for success, this can pay well in the long run and is a very flexible way to earn.

#5 Fitness Instructor

If you are fit, well you could definitely help someone out by offering personal training or signing up to work for a gym, and think big, you could open a gym yourself!

#6 Bartender/Waiter

Great way to earn some extra cash but this job requires great motility and sometimes long hours but this can be beneficial in the long run.


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  1. Very different presentation of careers type. I am afraid though that I cannot swim, I do not drink alcohol, I am awful in math, I am definitely not fit and I do not enjoy taking pictures. So I guess I will stick to blogging here on Virily. But, joking aside, I enjoyed your article. It was well written with well chosen engaging pictures.

    • i totally understand, this list is inclusive but same for me as you, im awful at the rest of things so i have to stick with blogging but you can stay updated, i will be publish numerous other list with options and links you could try out in the future

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