This Will Happen to You If You Look at Yourself in a Mirror too Much

Do you know that looking yourself in the mirror every day, is not good at all. You get bored and fast asleep when you look yourself too much at the mirror. You see all imperfections of your face and clothes. You will go out stressed and worried. This happens to you. But, some day if you don’t see yourself in a mirror, your day can be full with jokes. Maybe you have an unwashed toothpaste on your mouth, maybe your hair is untidy. How should we know if we avoid to look in a mirror?

On the other way, if you can avoid to look in a mirror, you can reduce the stress for small stuff.You will have more time to look around instead in the mirror. I found out that in the evening I look prettier than in the morning. What about you?


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Written by tanja


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  1. Nice really! I can see if people would stop looking in the mirror as often, say just to check their hair, or figure… they may be happier… if you quit doing that! If you only to check that your face is clean… in the long run you may be happier then someone constantly checking themselves… looking fir imperfections instead of believing they are already perfect… so need for a mirror check! ;D Unless fixing your lipstick. Just quit judging yourself through a mirror! Namaste!

  2. “Maybe you have an unwashed toothpaste on your mouth…” mhm, I have toothpaste on whole my face right now haha. Don’t ask me why hahahah! Why is there supernatural photo? I know that series, but how is it connected with mirrors?

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