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What is halotherapy?

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Halotherapy is a method based on a dosed stay in an attractively designed salt room made of natural stone salt and serves for the treatment of chronic and allergic disorders. It has been confirmed to have an excellent therapeutic effect in the treatment of asthma and bronchi, calms and deepens breathing, accelerates the movement of the respiratory epithelium and cleanses the airway, acts against inflammation and anti-allergies, accelerates serotonin oxidation, and regulates mineral balance.

Halotherapy is:- a new speleotherapy branch,- completely natural and without side effects, clinically tested and confirmed as effective,- is linked to biological renewal and health recreational effects,- heals various diseases, and strengthens the body both physically and mentally,- facilitates and cures respiratory and skin disorders,- cleans respiratory tract,- helps with allergy,- reduces the risk of colds,- increases immunity,- reduces the long-term use of drugs,- it facilitates mental illnesses such as chronic fatigue, exhaustion, tension, stress and insomnia.

Aerosol contains the following elements: IRON – component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, prevents anemia, and increases resistance of the organism, CALCIUM – strengthens immunity, essential for blood clotting, maintains normal levels of blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease, essential for growth, healthy bones and teeth, MAGNESIUM – It is important to convert food into energy and to create proteins, reduce irritation, COPPER – improves metabolism, helps create hemoglobin in the blood, facilitates the absorption of iron.

Salt therapy is suitable for both adults and for children, pregnant women and the elderly.Adult treatment takes 40 minutes, and for children 20 minutes. For the full effect of treatment requires 10 to 15 treatments in a row.


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