Stop spreading germs: Part 1

You could have the coronavirus and not even know it.  You could be spreading Covid-19 because you may not have any symptoms.  Much of the world will not be responsible, but you can make a difference today by choosing not to spread germs.

The first step is to avoid contact with those who are sick.  There are so many people that have to be out in public because they have to work in order to receive a paycheck due to the governments around the world that have reacted too late to the economic impact of the spread of this disease.

Also, there are people out there that are sick that are out in public on purpose.  They want to spread the coronavirus.  Plus, there are people out there that will never care about other people and remain in public.  There are more people that do not believe that Covid-19 is actually real.  Regardless of the reason, you do your part and take a couple of steps back.


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