Smart Stent which warns with heart diseases

Stents that open the close veins and shrines once place, it still remain stay there, But now the modern Smart Stents can note the slightest reduction in blood flow, and doctors can warn that heart disease is straining from a place.

The University of British Columbia (UBC) specialist has developed a Smart Stent regardless of blood flow in the brain, warns the doctor and patient with shrinking blood drains through a wireless signal.

Often after stenting in the situation, barrier substance (pluck) starts to be stored in heart veins. Which also produces more complications. In this process, tissues are started to gather around the stent, which is known as a re-stenosis in the medical language and it is also estimated by CT scan.

The UBC has set an effective sensor inside its new inventory which notes blood flow constantly. And if blood flow is reduced, it warns the doctor and the patient immediately. So this way doctor can cure the patient before becoming worse.

UBC professor Keniki Takahata said ,that we twisted a stent and made its small antenna and installed a special micro sensor in it which notes blood flow. Its data can be viewed continuously by sending wireless to an external system.

Stent has been made of Medical Grade Colorless Iron. Which can be installed in heart through angioplasty, then it start noting the vein performance. When it was tested at the laboratory on a pork, so smart stent gave the exact results of the expectations. In the next phase, it will be tested on humans by making it better.


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