Making People Think You Are Psychic – Part 7

When you Are Here Now and alert to those around you, it isn’t hard to surmise what they’ll do next.

Take  people who don’t like you. Most will take any and all occasion to  attack you. To take the ‘anti’ of your pro.

Once you know this, once it has happened, know that they operate on; “whatever you want; NO”.

Pay attention, don’t be fooled by smiles, listen to words and tones. Once you know that X doesn’t like you the reactions X will have towards you and your ideas are; ‘whatever you want, “NO.”

To try getting a person who dislikes you to like you  is a total waste of time. They may dislike you because you remind them of someone else…(paratoxic distortion). They may dislike you because of an assumption or even an act;  i.e. ugly Sharon doesn’t like pretty Jenna because Phil, whom Sharon loves likes Jenna.

To try to make someone like you, to afford a benefit to an ‘enemy’ as if to buy them will only cause your  friends to disappear.

Sure, you can act as if you like the person who dislikes you to make them think you are stupid, but don’t give them anything.

Know that they will take the anti of your pro so if you suggest they buy Vanilla Ice Cream they’ll buy Chocolate. If you want Chocolate…suggest Vanilla.

Once you can see how people who don’t like you behave, you can see how people who don’t like someone else will behave.

You can sit back and predict  what will happen when  the disliked person suggests Vanilla.

If you belong to a club, for example, and know that the Chair doesn’t like Jenna, anything Jenna suggests will be voted down. Hence, you see psychic when you ‘predict’ that the issue Jenna is backing will be voted down.

See how easy it gets?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar