How To Make People Think You Are Psychic – part 13 (Conclusion)

There are a lot of scam ‘fortune tellers’ out there. They get over because they read the secrets that aren’t very secret.

They see a woman ‘dressed to kill’ as the expression goes and know she isn’t dressed like that to go to the supermarket or impress her neighbours. She is dressed like that to catch male eyes. They can say….”I see a man…”  hoping she adds…”Is he tall and blond?” or something  in that vein.

A nervous man comes, He’s in his twenties. His hair is styled, his clothes are in fashion, and the fortune teller says…”I see a woman….”  hoping he asks; “does she love me?”

It isn’t being psychic; it is seeing what is in front of you.

Sometimes the person starts to talk, and the ‘fortune teller’ actually listens. Listens between the words, the emphasis, the body movement, the expressions, and gets what isn’t said, and says it.

It is not difficult.

Just be here now. See what is there, hear what is said. Shut off your cell phone. Walk away from your computer, and look, and see. See how people stand, see how they walk, learn the ‘power walk’ as opposed to the slink.

Notice that ugly people talk loud; they want attention. Attractive people don’t need to do anything but be to get the eyes. Notice that the most inferior brags, the most superior doesn’t advertise. Learn to read happiness and sadness in body language.

People will think you are psychic.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar