You May Be A Relationship Bully

There are several kinds of bullies in our world. But, perhaps, you don’t think of them in terms of relationships, at least in the way my article will expound.

  • There are people who use weapons to get people to hear their gripes about society or whatever, real or imagined.
  • Then, there are those who use their fists to enforce what they want from someone in their life.
  • Next, some use verbal control of others as a way to ‘imprison’ others with unreasonable demands about who they talk to, money they spend, time, and where they have been, etc.
  • Finally, there is the bully who uses emotions to get their way, although the traits of the other types of abuse may be present, as well.

Do you use anger and other emotions to keep people off-balance and subservient to your wishes?

Do you apologize when you hurt someone in this manner, or think it is your right to treat them in any way you choose?

Do people need to walk on ‘eggshells’ to keep from getting you angry? How long will this last until they are tired of doing this, leaving you in a lonely state of your own doing?

How do you react when people confront you about what you’ve said or done in anger? Are they resigned to your frame of mind and don’t even try anymore to talk to you about your problem?

If it doesn’t describe you, maybe you know someone like this?

Are you going to continue to keep doing this to others or work on changing for the better? It has to begin with you, no one can do it for you.

Self-control is the term. Are your relationships important enough to you to motivate you to change your behavior? Is having your own way and controlling others by whatever means more important than solid relationships?

Only you can start the process of healing in yourself to get rid of these bad traits. What do you want for the rest of your life in relationships? Do you want others to be comfortable or otherwise around you?

Think carefully about your answers. What you decide will shape the rest of your years ahead.

  • What would those you know say about this subject in regards to you?

    • Yes
    • No


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