Are you an Indigo Child or Indigo Adult?

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I actually don’t know what Indigo child means. But, for some reason, I was drawn to research it on YouTube because of other videos I accidentally stumbled upon. I originally might be, but I don’t think so because I have never had ADHD or ADD. I have always been very mellow and quiet person, who likes to observe, analyze, and overthink situations before I make a decision.

  1. Rebellious nature that might be hard and strong to others. They refuse to conform, and they prefer to be independent, opting to express their own individuality. I don’t think I am rebellious and anti-conforming or even conforming. I am rather balanced because I prefer to analyze both sides to seek the truth, as well as make decisions based on what is best for me, whether it makes me appear conformist or anti-conformist. I don’t consider myself either.
  2. Highly intelligent person who you to express a unique viewpoint. I think I am average intelligent, although I was very bored in school because I though school was bunch of crap. So, who knows, I might have been highly intelligent if I had gone to better schools. Maybe the internet has made me appear more intelligent because I am now able to do my own research. Since I started college, I felt that the only way I am going to learn anything is to take the initiative and do learn it myself. The only times that I learned anything as I kid was when I taught myself, while reading about it or studying other people’s ways and copying their methods. Therefore, I feel that I learned a lot in college because I went after a lot of ideas and classes. And, this learning continuous, and maybe spiraled out of control, when I got the internet because the internet was very empowering. People around me have told me that I might be highly intelligent only because I was very quiet.
  3. Very Stubborn because they believe in their own views and ideas. I was told I was stubborn, but I don’t think I was very stubborn or demanding. I just refused to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with, such as when I was a kid, I used to refuse doing anything oral. I just wasn’t comfortable with talking aloud.
  4. Very Spiritual—I think I have always been very spiritual; and, many times I have felt something unreal around me but I just wasn’t sure. So, I brushed it off. I never saw any auras or angels or anything like that. But I did find a small amethyst crystal rock on the mall parking lot when I was walking to my car. I picked it up, thinking it was a pretty rock, but later I realized it is an amethyst. I might be a little intuitive but I am not psychic.
  5. A strong sense of purpose or mission. I always had a strong purpose and mission about animal rights because I have always liked animals. They are cute! The internet has increased my awareness about other topics. Therefore, now my purpose or mission is to expose the truth.

Therefore, I have come to my own conclusion that I don’t think I am an Indigo because I am not any extreme of anything. I probably appear to be more conforming, even though I don’t consider myself to be either side. Moreover, I decided to take a quiz on Facebook about Indigo Child, and I got “Mixed Aura.” I am not even sure what that is.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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