My Keto Journey: Week 1

I thought I would journal my health and weight loss journey.  It’s always easier to be accountable when you can share your experience with others, or write out how you are doing.

Week one has been pretty successful to my surprise.  I thought it would take longer to get my blood sugars to go down.  They were down to pretty good numbers the day I began.  I think it helps that I added green smoothies with turmeric and cinnamon into my daily routine.  I still have trouble getting them down easily, but I do get them down.

I have not been working out, but I am thinking I will start adding work outs on week three.  My body is getting used to not having as much sugar/carbs, so I don’t want to over stress my body.

I started the week with blood sugars over 250 and by the end of the first day I was down in normal range. Most of the time I stayed under 140. Sometimes I would find myself 150-160 but that was only a couple times. One day I had a higher day (170- 180) and I am not sure why. Wondering if too much caffeine affects my blood sugars.

I am taking a few days and having a high carb meal because it’s the 4th of July celebration. I should stick to keto, full time but it is hard during celebrations.  I know in August there will be better chances for me to stick to diet better.

If you have done Keto/low carb diets have you had success with them? I would love to hear about your stories.


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