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I’m surrounded by purple

Purple  has become me and me it—I being an unwilling participant, dragged by it’s evil significance and a manipulated volunteer. It’s become a quiet, secret identity, whom I must allow when it wishes, always manipulated by it. I the unwilling participant must be reminded abruptly to join in it’s mission and misery.

Purple reminds me my calling is to help other’s in this misunderstood mission and give it my all — or else! It’s demanding sometimes and screams to be paid attention. I often just have no choice but to represent it, even if it has robbed me of everything, it laughs at me and say’s serve me, because even after all these years there’s misunderstandings, drama instead of acceptance and antiquated views even among those that call themselves “professionals”. This is your purple mission to serve and be heard. I am your Invisible but Present illness; friend or foe you accept me.

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Written by Coquiunlimited


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