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How To Heal Diabetes

One thing that infuriates me is when people are diagnosed with diabetes and they are told to eat a large amount of carbs and take medication. The ADA recommends to eat 45 carbs per meal and 15-20 for snacks. That is not going to fix Diabetes, in the long run it will make the issue worse.  I think at first the recommendation helps because it might be less than what the person eats before diagnosis, and the pills will help for a while. The body will get used to the meds and they will be less effective after time.  I have had to up the dose on my medication just because of that.

The way to fix/heal diabetes is to eat a low carb diet.I recommend a Ketogenic diet (but I am not a doctor, just a diabetic). Doctors usually won’t recommend that though because if they recommend something that will potentially cure the illness they won’t get paid anymore. The more we eat the diet they recommend, the more meds we will end up needing and the more money will go to them and the pharmacy.  Yes, healthy food can be more expensive than junk food but in the long run it’s the much better choice.

I am speaking mostly on type 2 Diabetes. Those with Type 1 Diabetes should talk to their doctor first because it is a lot different than type 2.  

Are you diabetic, or have been diabetic?  If so, what kind of diet do you eat, and how many meds do you take?  If you were and reversed your diabetes, how did you do so?  I would love to hear your stories.  I am hoping to share my “Keto cured my diabetes” testimonial one day, but for now I am interested in your testimonials!


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