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If You Are Getting No Response: Look at your dietary habits

Some people have no effect of workouts on their body or fitness no matter how hard they try. I hope you are not among the people which try their best but noting changes for them.

So what should you do?

Have you ever tried investing or focusing on exercising? No – I know most of us would answer the same but do you really know that here is a gym in every corner of of your area but you never noticed them.

But if your answer is in affirmative then you are probably the victim of “Non-responders”. Yes, people suffering from “Non-responders” syndrome fail to achieve result even if they workout rigorously.

However, if you fail to lose weight or maintain your body even after proper workouts there is good news for you. Have a look-

If you stay strictly with your regular exercises with control on your diet the chances are you will get a response even if it is slower than your expectation. You certainly can get better results with regular cycling and jogging provided you do it regularly and follow your diet plan strictly.

So what is a controlled diet anyways?

Truly healthy food, yeah that’s the answer of all your queries. I suggest you to go for protein shakes to protein cakes and if you are eating crap for lunch or dinner eat healthy, clean and balanced food. I know it will take you time to come to terms but once you know the value of healthy food you will achieve your goals.


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Written by Suny Ag