How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 8

When  the Abuser has no one to abuse, his self prison continues. He is only ‘allowed’ to eat ice cream on Sunday. He can not eat it any  other day. If he takes it out of the freezer on any day but Sunday, he will throw it out.

The Abuser sets himself a certain amount of time to be on the Internet. No matter what is happening, no matter the emails he receives, the information, he can not continue beyond his ‘set’ limits.

He refuses to take a particular train or bus although it is the most  convenient. This may be due to some event that occurred decades ago or some need to ‘punish’  someone who is no longer there.

Those who know the Abuser, who suffered his abuse, can predict what he will do. They can ‘read’ him clearly because they know the ‘rules’ he used to ‘control’ or attempt to control them, and are aware that without an outside victim, he becomes his own victim.

Those who don’t know him, those who never experienced this kind of behaviour may look for logical reasons, and might even accept his confused explanations.

Anyone who has ever been with an abusive person will instantly know what they are seeing/hearing. It is an abuser who, without an outside victim is victimising himself.


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