How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 5

It is very important that you recognise that an Abuser denies himself if he believes he is denying you.

If you think the person you have met is likely to be an abuser, you must never reveal what you really want or like. Make it seem that you want or like what he wants or likes.

It could be a food, a sport, music, anything that you know he likes, you appear to like and see how he responds.

A normal person would be happy he has a ‘partner’. An abuser will  change his preference.

When  this happens you realise you  are dealing with a person who will make himself unhappy if he can make you unhappy.

You might be stunned by his refusal/denial.  If questioned he will give some sort of semi-intelligent reason which you might accept.

Test  him again. And remember to never let him know what you want or like. Mask your preferences and select his, even if it seems minor, such as the flavour of ice cream.

It is wiser and safer to NOT get into a relationship with an abuser then to try to get out.


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