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Today’s workout was a breeze, since I got the chance to get a workout in yesterday. Yesterday’s workout was a struggle because I had nearly two weeks off due to picking up extra work hours. It is like if I miss two days tops, a good streak of working out just went to crap! The older I get, I can also not rely on junk food as my get-through half of the day because even that haunts me in the end. As for this workout, it consisted of a 50 pound chest press x 40; 1.80 mile run/ walk on treadmill; 15 pull ups, and different variations of ab workouts which abs have been one of my major focuses this year.

When I go to the gym I make it my number one priority to start with an ab workout, and leave after an ab workout because the abdominal muscles tend to be one of the more neglected muscles I have, plus it just makes me feel better after eating a meal and feeling bloated. What types of workouts to you do at the gym?

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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