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Hearing aids prices have obviously gone down through the years. This may be due to the fact that competition is getting stiff. As more manufacturers are getting in the market, other manufacturers are forced to compete. Today, hearing aids may cost anywhere between $1,000 to $4,000 each, depending on the model and style the customer has selected. There are other factors that affect that hearing aids prices including research and development, customization to adjust to the needs or requests of the user, and the professional consultation needed before a hearing aid is recommended.

A hearing aid lasts for 3-5 years. It could be more. It really depends on how the user maintains the equipment. Let us assume, however, that you will use the hearing aid for said time. That makes the daily cost about $3, that is one cup of coffee. It is rather worth the investment considering it will improve the quality of life of the user.

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I have to say though that it is rather unfair that in so many parts of the world, hearing aids are not covered by medical benefits. Hearing aids are recommended to people whose hearing losses are not too severe to require them to go through surgery or cochlear implants. This may be largely to the fact that hearing aids demands are too high. There are more hard of hearing people than totally deaf people. Simple things like too frequent listening to loud music may contribute to the deterioration of the hearing ability or even old age.

To many people, even the continuous decline of hearing aids prices is still not enough for many people to afford it. There are very few non-government agencies out there that extend help in this field too. This may be because it is not considered too severe a problem.

Option 1

One solution is for people to go for basic analog hearing aids. This is the model that has really become more affordable through the years because of the arrival of digital technology. This is not a bad option but not all hearing problems may find a solution on analog hearing aids.

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Option 2

Other people go to the internet to look for new or even used hearing aids and face the risk of getting a substandard hearing aid or even a damage one. I do not recommend this. Something as crucial as a hearing aid should never be left to chance.

The other thing is to try and lobby the government to force companies in including hearing aids on their list. It is too simple a problem to not be dealt with.


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