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These stories will come from many parts. In fact, on my Facebook account, I have a page of diabetes under control. As I myself suffer from this area, I have been studying the ways of treating natural remedies, and I wrote about it. This is the result for this time. Here’s what FB says: Your page has just reached 200 likes. Congratulations! Today, in the first story, I will transfer my first blog from this site.

Diabetes is the third cause of death in Serbia after cancer and cardiovascular disease, heart and brain infarction..Do not worry about year. Diabetes-type children also get sick. That’s why education is important, and the constant commitment to keeping the sugar under control is not to cause damage and does not lead to blindness, dialysis or amputation of the extremities .. Take this as alarming!

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Do you have Diabetes? Do you know that the third cause of death in Serbia? Do you want to put it under your control? And it’s just natural way, using it herbal teas, tinctures and medicinal mushrooms. Reduce blood glucose levels with natural medicinal herbs. Make complications in time.

Coprinus comatus is its Latin name. It is known to us as a great breeder,In nature, in the spring and autumn, after the rain on the edges of the meadows, beside the different dumps where there is a lot of organic waste. Its main feature is pancreatic regeneration, which has a multiple significance for normalizing your blood glucose. It takes 0.5 grams as a meal before meals 2-3 times a day, depending on other therapies.

To repeat the most important; this fungus will regenerate the pancreas and therefore you will have a higher quality insulin that will easily penetrate the membranes and more easily neutralize the presence of Glucose.

Diabetics do not recommend drinking Alcohol. Follow the recommendation of your Endocrinologist and use mushroom as an additional therapy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Many people in New Zealand are diagnosed with diabetes type 2. I had a warning 2 years ago with pre diabetes. I am OK now and go to a gym but its not easy. Im now in my 60s. However, there is an increasing amount of children with diabetes type 2.
    These mushrooms could help a lot of people.

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