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5 Little Known Ways To Lose Weight

Do you want to lose weight? Have you tried almost everything and no result? It is high time for you to forget about number of diets, restricted food types and hungry days which can bring you nothing but unhealthy body.

All these diets lead to short-term weight loss but for dropping remarkable weight for long-term can be tricky. Experts say that there is no perfect diet for weight loss for long period. They usually advise to use natural means for losing weight instead of using diets. Here are 5 little known ways which will help you to lose weight and stay healthy.

1. Allow yourself to experience emotions

Many people while experiencing stress or emotions start to overeat without realizing they are becoming fat. It is well known fact that one of the main causes of obesity is overeating. When you are going through difficult times, when you are experiencing different emotions, you overeat more than usual. And it does not satisfy your hunger, but relieves stress which can disrupt any weight loss efforts before you begin. Margaret Rymer from AssignmentMasters says that the best way to calm yourself is allow yourself to experience emotions. Try to overcome the emotions without overeating, just stay calm, go for a walk, drink water and forget about food for some time.

2. Stop dividing food on “I can eat it” and “I can’t”

You know that the more you concentrate on losing weight, the less you have good results. To achieve to the expected result, just stop dividing food on “I can eat it” and “I can’t”. Do not set limitations on food, except for high-calorie one. Eat healthy food freely, without counting calories, do not think before eating and asking the only question – Am I supposed to gain weight if I eat this? Bear in mind, that people who do not divide food, tend to lose weight more frequently than the ones who think thoroughly before taking and dividing food.

3. Emotional state is important. Do not deprive yourself of communication

People who struggle to lose weight always think that they should  eat less and exercise more. But the truth is that it is not so simple. Reality proves other thing which is all about emotional intelligence. Survey shows that the basic key to weight management is emotional state. So to lose weight firstly focus to your emotions. People who are in stress or aggression state tend to deprive themselves from environment and do not communicate. They reach for unhealthy food to calm themselves and take the way of gaining weight. From now on, control all your emotions and communicate actively. You will consume your energy on positive things which will itself contribute to weight loss.

4. Fill your life with beauty

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Have you ever heard that beauty can help you to drop fat and lose weight? Yes, that is true. When you fill your life with beauty, you become more positive and display calm behavior towards environment. This helps you to keep away from stressful states, save energy and influence your inner emotions. Being surrounded with beauty and leading calm life, you would not need to exercise often, instead will gradually lose weight without even focusing on it.

5. Create a ritual: get more out of a smaller amount of food

One of the important ways of weight loss is getting more out of a smaller amount of food. Keep in mind to eat enough to feel satisfied, but not totally full. You should eat in small amounts just the amount you are not hungry again for the next 3 or 4 hours. It is proved by the doctors that when eating often and in small amounts greatly influences weight management and contributes to its loss. Psychologically when you eat less and often, you do not feel deprived as it seems you eat more often.

One of the best things is to drink water before taking meal. It is actually makes your stomach smaller and does not allow taking big amounts. Make this a ritual for you and if you do nothing but reduce your portions, you will lose weight.


No more diets, no more physical exercises, just simple ways that will help to reduce your weight and stay fit.


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