3 Tips to Get Good Sleep

Changing some daily habits can mean the difference between good health and being sick. Having good health is critical for an enjoyable and happy life. Being healthy indicates that our body works normally and that there is nothing wrong with it. Being healthy is a balanced state and in harmony with body and mind. Many times, with the speed of life we lead, we forget that health is wealth. We recognize it only when we get sick.

  1. Eating vegetables and fruits: Preferably, eat nine servings of vegetables and fruits a day. But yes, I can make out that you are looking with surprise because you think a lot about it. So here it goes. Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits a day. If you do so, you can save quite a lot of visits to the doctor. A study says that this amount provides fiber and antioxidants needed to maintain a healthy weight and reduce heart disease.
  2. Exercise: Ideally thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise for five days or more a week is good. But I know that sometimes you have trouble getting up from the bed, because you will be more comfortable there. How about seventeen minutes a day? This is equivalent to two hours a week. And you do not even have to do in full. You can divide it into parts.
  3.  Sleep: If you are that type of a person who always sleeps seven to eight hours a day, you are on the right track towards your health. Studies conducted recently in this respect indicate that those who have trouble sleeping or sleep less than seven hours a day are increasing their risk of diabetes, hypertension and even heart disease. By nature, our body needs to rest properly and refresh itself for good quality health.


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