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My Husband's Favorite Vehicle

I ran across this photo the other day and it brought back some memories.  You know how guys always have a favorite vehicle?  This Jeep was my husband’s favorite and he often mentions that he wished he still had it.

He lost the Jeep when someone rear-ended him while stopped at a red light.  The other driver wasn’t paying attention and smashed the Jeep to the point to where it was totaled by the insurance company. Not only was the back smashed in, but the front also because he was hit so hard he was rammed into the vehicle in front of him.

I remember the search to find this Jeep.  My husband scanned the classified ads for weeks before the found “the one.”  We drove out of town about a three hour drive to go look at it.  He loved it and it was in pristine condition.  The Jeep had been stored if a building and only driven for special occasions.  This Jeep was the owner’s baby and it only went on the road for short trips into town for a hair cut or a short drive for the fun of it.

The Jeep has less that 20,000 miles on it and brand new tires.  The interior was in perfect shape and not body dents or damage.  My husband fell in love with it on the spot.  We drove it and he didn’t jump on it but waited to discuss it with me on the way home.  We both agreed that it was worth the asking price and in good shape.  He called the guy back and told him he wanted it.

We went to the bank the following morning and got the money and went to pick up the Jeep.  We both enjoyed this vehicle and took a trip to Florida in it. It was fun to drive and I also miss it.

Do you have a favorite vehicle?  What is or was it?


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Written by Karen Gros

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