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Zweihander – giclee print

The working title of this piece was called landsknecht and the WIP was so popular that I’ve made it the headliner for this week’s auction. I’ve changed the title of the piece to Zweihander, from the Deutsch name for that type of sword (literally two hands)

#1 release version

I seem to recall that some of you liked the WIP as-is and didn't want me to change anything, but I wasn't happy with the piece as it was. I wanted it to look more like this. Hopefully you'll agree that this was the right call to make now that you can see the result

#2 omake

A test render of my landsknecht in an alternate color scheme. Honestly, that whole outfit is far too restrained for the landsknechten...

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#3 charcoal value study

As a bonus, this value study is charcoal and 10B pencil so the darks are really dark

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  1. Great! I have a question, what is a giclee print and if I want to sell prints of my artworks on Etsy (not physical ones but photos of my artworks for the people to download and print themselves), what kind of photos should I put (regarding the quality of the photo)??? Thank you!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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