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Zinger Before and After Photomania Effects

The first photo is the original, Zinger wearing a wig lol

The second photo is the Photomania effect called Abstract Rays

This third and final photo is Zinger using the Photomania effect called Champagne

The first photo is a fun loving photo. My sister thought she just had to play around and put a wig on him. He posed with it on without too much fuss lol. The second pictures is another Photomania creation as you can see. The Abstract Rays option made Zinger look like something of a different world lol, but cute as ever. The third and final photo is also with the use of PhotoMania. This effect is called Champagne. This effect makes Zinger look like he is sitting in the rain.

Think about making your own neat creations with the help of Photomania. I do want to thank all the Virily members that answered my question on a post about how I needed advice. It was about how to add more than one photo on my future posts. The information was accurate and simple to understand.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these PhotoMania creations.The photos are my own with the help of Photomania effects.