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Working on a commisioned job

Brainstorming on a logo for a motorcycle shop. This will be the basic cartoon.

I’m not a fan of doing graphic arts done a certain way (purely graphics) as a matter of fact, haven’t done it in ages! See most people are unaware most of my work is not graphic arts in the pure sense, but actually digital art.

Most of my work comes from my wild and crazy imagination or “going with the flow”. So if it wouldn’t be this commisioned logo is a labor of love, rather than an actual job, for someone whom I care about and wish to see succeed—-I probably would just decline!

I do artwork not just for chunk change, but for true love of the arts.

So please wish me well in getting this person’s logo together as they ‘see’ it and forgive me for not being able to visit you all as often as I’d like for lack of actual time (I’m actually writing this blog half asleep ?).

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