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Wine Souk – WIP

Now that Virily has uncoupled the thumbnail from the first image, I can start posting work in the order it was created and still lead with my best foot, as it were

So I am going to walk you through the latest evolution of the wine vendor from my Arabian Delights series

#1 previous version

This is where we left her and while it is a good piece, there are issues so I've decided to take another swing at it

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#2 alternate pose

This version is a little more engaging, plus I was finally able to get her entirely in frame and the lighting is better

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  1. This pose is quite vibrant and interesting, I like it very much but I’m not sure her face is as beautiful as on the first one… Also, it is probably a WIP but maybe that glass should be less prominent in light or just different… :/

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#3 current version

There were concerns about the facial expression, so I changed it and then tweaked the pose a bit. Vendors in bazaars tend to be more aggressive, so I thought I'd have her trying to drum up some business

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  1. You are really asking too much, I could analyze each of them almost till infinity… They are all beautiful in their own way…! All have their advantages and disadvantages, i would really have to think about this a lot!…
    But, let’s say, this one is ok too but the face is definitely the most beautiful on the first one…

      • Ok, I know…
        Here, the face is better than the previous one, but I think she should definitely have larger eyes with such hair, like on the first one I like the most… The pose is harmonious here too, maybe even better than on the second one, but has it’s flaws in the bottom part I guess… :/ – too much pants and free space…
        I guess it would be the best not to cut the frame where you cut it, but put it somewhere in the middle of these variations, because on each of them something is missing

What do you think?

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