What Do You Wish For (Poetry)

What do you
Wish for,
As you blow
Dandelion Petals
To the wind,
Is it for
A strong faith in Jesus,
The ability to have
Your greatest dream
Come true?

What do you wish for
As they scatter
In the breeze,
Is it for a safe world
Where no child has to
The monster
In the shadows?

What do you
Wish for,
As you close your
And let Dandelion seeds
Scatter with the wind.

“It’s a secret.”
You smile
“But I made a
Wish for you too
And I hope it comes true.”

(C) Michelle R Kidwell
1:22 a.m P.S.T


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      • I know all about free verse, but I also know that this label must not be used as an excuse for writing something that pretends to be poetry but is not.

        However, I do not subscribe to the view that every poem must have rhymed lines – unrhymed poetry is fine by me. What a poem must have is structure – it must do more than prose can do, and just breaking up a sentence into short lines is not enough to create structure. Free verse is perfectly possible, but it is very much more difficult to write than poetry with a more formal structure, even if that structure consists of rhythmical consistency alone.

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