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What Can You Do With A Camera And A Thirty Dollar Software?

Eye Glass Drift  –  photomontage  © 2018 – Howard Faxon

My friends have told me that I would absolutely love the new Photoshop; and, I know I would. However, a bit of the minimalist spirit resides in me and replacing something that works for my needs is not in the cards. Minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything ever. It is more about evaluating what one brings into their life. Does it add to life? Or, is it a distraction? Is it needed to accomplish what one desires, or needs, to accomplish?

In this case I have a software that I’ve had for years and it is not fancy; but, it has the capabilities I need. It also thinks more in a way that I am used to thinking when constructing images. My past in printmaking and graphic arts has taught me to use layers a certain way to construct images. It may be a bit clunky but I’m very fast using it now. It has the ability to construct images like the one above at a satisfactory resolution. I am prone to evaluate what I can do with what I have before I add new things to my tool chest. When I needed a software to process some pictures of my sculptures for a small newspaper I purchased a $29.95 software that satisfied that need. Later I started playing a bit and the rest is history.

© 2019 – Howard Faxon

This is a photomontage combining elements from my personal photographs (taken by me) with digital new media techniques. An essential part of my image making process is to find and photograph elements needed to make the images. I rely on a long history in printmaking and graphic arts to guide the thought process and take me through the necessary steps to complete the final work. 


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    • I am glad that you also love editing photos so that we can see them. I confess that it is very fun for me. Have a great day and get some cool photos for us to look at.
      … And don’t forget to smoosh a couple of those pics, please! 🙂

    • Thanks Carol. Since I am not doing professional work I can get along without keeping up. I do think that if I played with the new Photoshop I may be horribly impressed. Self imposed austerity measures make me a little afraid to try it. Have a great day Carol.

    • I enjoy your photography very much and I believe you do and can do amazing things as well. There are people here on Virily who saw my early experiments years ago on another platform. These things were not very amazing but I went on path anyway. Thanks.
      I had a friend who always said that people rarely recognize their own beauty. Keep making things that you enjoy seeing.

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