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Voiceless Stars

Here and there

in our midst

there are voiceless stars

who doesn’t care about disputes

moreover, overthrow dictatorial regimes

don’t even sing mourning songs

they do not give a message like the messengers

even just chuckled at people complaining

far from miracles like a witch

not heal like a shaman

keep quiet about the future unlike fortune tellers

the sign is not clairvoyance

not like an avatar

also not a guru

not at all like Superman

just shut up and hide

talk to the storm so it goes just from their hiding place

chat with the sky through the eyes of birds

across all dimensions in a blink

really, they are nobody

but also anyone and everything

your chest feels like it explodes when they meet them

or float high like a cork in water.

Not that the razor blade is not sharp because it cannot cut coconut trees

that doesn’t mean the ax can’t do anything because it can’t shave a mustache

that doesn’t mean that the unpretentious doesn’t give you anything

who knows they always look after you

who knows they’re among you

beside you

or within.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – Voiceless Stars.


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  1. The title really got my attention. Then the words, wow again it hit home with me.
    Such truth in what you say. Our inner feelings of unsettlement and problems can sometimes be helped and even solved with the dimensions nature has to offer. Thank you for your inspiration once again.


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