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The Master of Ceremonies

Many people are lost when it comes to ceremonies. There are many types of ceremonies.   So  many need the help of the Master of ceremonies.    Somebody  perhaps created the complexity of the ceremony to make these Masters    necessary. This is a watercolor on paper.

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies is necessary   for  some people who are completely lost with what to do.  The questions always seem to  come to the surface  for these people who  are not used to the ceremonies that bring a certain direction which one can adjust by breaking its rules.  Perfect for quarantine  situations.  This is a watercolor on paper. 

The Metaphysical Comedies of the Simple Reality.

That word metaphysical  has been used to abuse many.   This abuse has been in the more negative  aspects of  the abusers. Somehow the damage  is  widespread and very much has been detrimental  to the world's development.  The word  has a terrible effect  when used by nefarious  subjects who promise magical solutions  to everything.   This is a watercolor on paper. 

The Linear Motion of the Figurative Tension

The   line is an element  that  has essential qualities  to  push the visual realm  of the image.     The line  carries the motion  of the composition to its realization. It is guided by the personal   gyrations of thoughts  that create the figurative   structure which is  chosen by  forms and twist  by the tensions in those gyrations.    This is a watercolor on paper.   


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