The Color of The Earth

In a corner there, a dog and a cat threaten each other. Both of them made the most horrible sounds they had. Scream of their quarrel even snatched the energy of anyone who heard it. Elsewhere, other cats and other dogs hug and lick each other.

Elsewhere, people fight with their eyes of duality, with claims that the truth is on their side. All methods are then carried out to get support and partisanship.

Above the earth, brown soil, which hangs in the illusion of the blue sky, from the same source, water, ice, and blood can greatly change the color of the land. Only Love is always new, fresh, alive, not days ago and no tomorrow, which is beyond all the confusion of the mind that can show the earth as it really is.

Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – The color of the earth.


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