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The Ballad of Wanderlust (Just Over the Next Hill) – giclee print

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so to be fair I will be rolling out some fanservice for the ladies because you’ve all been such good sports about my standard fare. Before I roll out the serious beefcake, let’s start with this revision of a classic piece.

#1 release version

Eroccia was originally a thief but I am migrating him over to bard, just to give him even footing with the more powerful members of his team...

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#2 rough sketch

This is a very loose value study, but then the final was pretty loose

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What do you think?

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  1. All I have to say after reading all the comments is that I find both sketch and finished product very attractive…. Nice looking male but way too young for old me… But seriously, you have great talent. Keep them coming.

  2. I have to start (continue) posting my artworks….. 😀
    Well, my opinion on this one, hmmmmmmm……. I like the colored version better, it is Very Very beautiful and, how will I say (it’s hard to find a word), hmmm, let’s say “idealistic!”…, it is very beautiful in the details which are almost perfect, but that I think is the exact problem, they are “too” perfect so that perfection mixes with the artistic approach and makes a confusing mix in a way :/ There is also the common problem of yours – there is no the feeling of “touch” between his hands and the music instrument. Both things are not that present in the sketch, it is more “loose” (artistic), but it lacks strength and definition. Actually that is the thing with the first colored one – it is a very unusual and a little confusing mix of perfection and undefined loose.
    I hope you understood something of what I wrote, hahah…! ;D

    • I will add that the “hands” problem (which are very very perfect, very real…!) is more on his right hand – “the touch problem”, and maybe it is, even more, the problem of how the instrument is presented than the hands. :/

        • It seems like there is a lot of space between them, that is what happens in many of your works; if you think it’s ok then ok, it’s just how I see it and thought it could be useful….. It’s not just about the shadow, it’s about the texture and intensity of the color and lines which makes it look that way…..

        • I am speaking in the fine art terms, I really don’t know anything about using the technology you are using. It’s a little better on the sketch: the touch between his left hand and the instrument is great, but not that much on the right hand. It’s just when I’m looking at the instrument (especially the colored one) its intensity is not right in its parts —– for example, the intensity is higher and stronger in the dark (shadow) parts instead in the front part, so it looks a little distorted.
          That’s the best I currently can explain, I can try better a litttle later…..

          • If you’re trying to say that bright things tend to appear closer and dark things tend to recede, that’s just a guideline- it isn’t like the rules of three point perspective…

            The shadow of his right hand touches two of his fingers, so I don’t know how you can read that as unconnected, but you found a way!

        • No, that is exactly what I didn’t want to say………. —– it can be in a shadow and still look close and be light but still look far away —– the INTENSITY…..! 🙂

          Exactly what I said above —– shadow or whatever in that surroundings is just not intensive enough for the “layer” (close/far) it presents…..! Even some parts of the yellow instrument lose its shape (volume) and look flat instead of in the perspective (depth) because of the “false” in the intensity (color/lines)….. When it comes to color, it just can’t be the right color, it has to be the right texture which overall brings to the intensity, but due to some probably “computer issues” there is no difference between some things therefore there is no difference in the close/far things and they mix up sometimes.

        • PS I have to apologize for my “criticism” because this work is quite different than the other works of yours and therefore very interesting, so I have to praise you a lot too!!!….. 😉 🙂 It is very “idealistic” and “perfect” so it does present its “theme” in a way….. 😀

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