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Stay In Bliss, You Are In Good Hands.


Why are you still allowing wounds and grief

become a fat employer for you

who devoured all your mouthfuls greedily shamelessly

all the false excuses from your ignorance tree?

Calculate the disappointment that you have saved

in fragile bottles in return of all events

look at the thick wall that continues to swell

separate you from the love of your owner

and your own love.

Why don’t you just let go of everything you can

all that needs to be released, which is not yours

at least from your attachment

for the sake of something you can’t imagine

You can’t mention it to tell

besides feeling safe peace in the cradle of love

Your own true owner

Be happy, stay in bliss

you are in good hands.

Poetry Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Life of the Cosmos series  Stay In Bliss,  You Are In Good Hands.


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