Soul alchemy

I have made this painting last year, it’s very symbolic for me because 2016 was the darkest period of my life, first creative block, than anxiety and depression. In 2016 I have made only 2 paintings, I was always insecure in my work, I’m not that good in what I do, I was so scared to even call my self artist, no support from my family…feeling alone and lost….I forced myself to create anything…I didn’t want to lose connection with my creative child, so I draw this…I really don’t know how to describe it….part because my English is not that great, and part because I ask myself… this supposed to be me….nothing like self portrait, but rather portrait of my soul.

Soul that is looking for peace, soul full of fears but still hoping for the best….for the first time I could say…out loud…I am an artist, I was born to create, to express my emotions…I have to be best friend to my self first, I have to love every part of myself, I have to know myself….the dark and the light part of me…I have to accept my self…I know life is a school for humans, we have so much to learn….I know I will fall many times but I have to keep going…no the just for me…but for people I love…Just keep going, do the best you can, be gentle to others and to yourself, like a child tray to explore this world…let it be your playground…live for today.

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  1. After more than three months of joining Virily, one by one I began to find people, friends, or relatives who were interested or understanding the “same language” about our journey in this universe school, you are one of them, Damir. The grim moments that you are experiencing are natural, even indeed must happen so that we can realize the existence of “darkness and light” as a whole part of our true selves. Let us support each other as we support our self. Regards.

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