Son of Sketchapalooza

I promised to do another Sketchapalooza and since it is Halloween I decided to make it a creepy one. This installment has some legacy works I found recently along with some current pieces. If you enjoy these all sketch extravaganzas, let me know and I will continue to do them periodically. My regular posts will continue to include rough sketches and studies regardless…

#1 value study headshot

I did this for a contest, really just a value study in colored pencil and I used white gouache for the hotspots because the white colored pencil just wasn't getting it done... It worked fine for the soft highlights

While it isn't really all that spooky, I have no intentions to push this piece any further so the only place I can feature her is in a sketch collection so I just stuck her in here and let's just hope she doesn't disrupt the flow all that much

#3 Funeral for a Mannequin

This rough sketch is definitely closer to the Silent Hill mythos even though it isn't featuring any SH characters it does have mannequins and they play a minor role in the Otherworld. I was into mannequins even before there was a SH title so we should consider them a common resource but this treatment has a deliberate influence.

My favorite part about this piece is how the human seems to get absorbed by his chair due to shared value and lost edges.

#5 Uninvited Guest

Technically, this isn't even a sketch but it is lineart that was digitally colored later and it is kinda spooky so I thought it fit the venue for Son of Sketchapalooza so I've included it here

Cthulhu doesn't really raid refrigerators but I found the notion hilarious at the time I did it. Which was even before Rite of Passage and that's enough of memory lane- let's see some current work!


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