Skull Clock Gouache Painting.

This is a painting thats a little more personal that most of my others. The time is when my son was born. The decorative circle on the left is of Irvine on the west coast of Scotland. Where I grew up, and have great memories as well as loads of friends and relatives. The decorative circle on the right is of Corby, which is in the Midlands of the U.K. and is where I currently reside. The jewel in the middle is for my wife. I`m the skull. Like most artists, we have a thing for skulls. And the time is when our son Shae Connor was born.

Left circle is Irvines Boathouse which sits at the edge of the harbour.

Right circle is the Corby Steel Works, which Corby is/was famous for.

A3 Gouache on Crescent Illustration Board.


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Written by RichardHarrison


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