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A Selena Contemplating New Life

The purity of thinking of a new life from the creator mother is a weight of pure emotional truth the way it is meant to be for any female human being.

I have this weird joke that I tell my mom I always say “yo momma” to my mom as a joke mainly because that is where she came from and her mom as well and so on. And so forth “mother” is not just a decision for her alone it is a bond between both sexes it is creation with no bounds and a new future for humanity.

The reason why I am so fascinated by the female side is because in the womb is where we are created we are not put together we don’t come from any other dimension and we don’t go to any other dimension we are humanity and we will be so as long we don’t give up, we are grown and we live and we die it is what the cycle is for us as humans until we reach our next stage of evolution.

A mother is a purity.


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Written by Daniel-Loya-III


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