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Overcoming Resistance to Writing about My Creations

I am convinced that most people are not built like me to enjoy imagery without a verbal guide. I can cruise through a museum quickly passing over all the written commentary. I guess I kind of like the commentary when watching a sporting event because none of the sports are that familiar to me.

In fact in learning and practicing Taoist Tai Chi I dislike hearing commentary and too much description as it attempts to take away what is a native skill (of using mirror neurons to observe and imitate) and substituted a much harder skill of decoding a word stream and turing it into a body position and movement output. Sort of like trying to teach a toddler to walk by describing to him where to place his weight and limbs.

So to honor those of you who just need the words to see into the pictures here is my feeble attempt to translate.

2887 First Wing

This image gathers energy for the edges to focus on the needs of the center. We need to understand that the eye wants to be directed where to look just as the mind wants to be guided in what to think about an image. So in this image your eye is commanded to move from any entry point to the lighter area by the shapes and contrast. Is it working for you?

2892 Persistence

This image intrigues me because it seems to me to represent the progress we can make when we persist in any endeavor. The lighter colored lines seem to be penetrating through the darker forms and areas and potential spreading joy where there was nothing but darkness previously. 

We have  a surprising ability to influence others with either our darkness or our light. I like to hang out with folks who carry the light rather than the darkness for that reason.


What do you think?

Written by Joel_Bowers


  1. All are fantastic creation s& great to read about your process for titles. Awesome, I must share. Keep up the excellent work, you are an inspiration Joel 😉