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Nigerian Spambot – WIP

Mostly a reaction to the phisher who tried to scam Virily users last week. Of course, this isn’t what a spambot looks like but my depiction is a lot more fun and does raise some interesting points…

#1 dark vignette

not all outdated computers end up in landfills, many of them end up in third world countries. for all we know, someone is still using 5.25 floppies right now

#4 brite

It is not my intention to pick on Nigerians; they just so happen to have the most infamous spam named after them. But I've got a buddy from Lagos and he's never scammed anyone...

  1. I got an email from a virily user and knew that must be a Nigerian scammer. I haven’t replied but I have to defeat him at his game come this weekend. In any case, Nigeria is the leading scamming nation in the world.



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