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Mystic Vendor / larger views

Since the pieces were very similar except for some slight tonal differences, it didn’t seem that important to post the larger versions before the poll, but I’ve had a request to do that…

#1 this one

a little more saturated, especially on the skintones

9 points

#2 that one

a bit lighter, so this is the one I'd use for a print

6 points
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What do you think?

14 points


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  1. Thank you! Sorry to have bothered you… ðŸĪŠ but it means I care and seeing both pictures larger truly makes a difference!
    In fact, I voted for “this one” but now I think “that one” is better.
    Both options were beautiful, but the image is full of colors already, and all that saturation makes the vendor of “this one” look sunburnt, while “that one” has a nice golden skin tone.
    Thanks, again. 😊

    • it’s no bother. I wouldn’t have offered to do it if that were going to cause problems. and it is what I should’ve done in the first place. If anything, I should be thanking you instead of the other way around…

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