my big blue work in progress

So now it is time for a semi big reveal; a hint on what Rosie and her robot friend will be working on. Soon I will be ready to show my hand and give all the exposition but first I want to sort out the background

But if you’ve seen enough of my work you might have enough info to guess what the series will be about now…

#1 engine test render

just getting all the materials sorted, trying to get a feel for what is needed for the piece...

#2 staging

My favorite things about this bit are the fins at the back of the engine and the harness slash armature dealie

#3 work in progress

Unfortunately, you can't see those cool fins anymore. I might have to go with a landscape solution for the final format, but you're really starting to get a good idea about what this series is going to be like

What do you think?

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