Monument to the victims of the World War II. Begunje na Gorenjskem

This is a monument dedicated to the victims of the World War II. It’s located in Begunje na Gorenjskem. This is the sad part of our history we must never forget. This was a place of a prison, from where they took them to the concentration camp Mauthausen or were killed inside their cells. Among those victims was unfortunately my uncle Jože Janc, who was taken to the camp and was executed in the gas chamber.

Let this monument be a symbol of peace and a lesson to everyone that this should never happen again. The prison was demolished. The only evidence is this monument and the grave stones of the victims nearby.


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Written by Vida Vicky Ficko

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  1. To add here: my mistake the cells were not demolished but part of it was turned into a museum. It’s located in the part of a hospital. However, for some reason I was not allowed to visit the museum. I wanted to see if the signature of my late uncle was still there.


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