The Plan

The meeting was in a comfortable underground ‘cafe’ to the side of a tunnel.   The leader put forth the plan of a violent attack on a nothing Kibbutz across the border.

There was some objection, but the leader said;  “People hate Jews more than us… we brutally attack the Jews, they will over react and the world will turn against them.”

The members were a bit uncertain, but would participate.

“We attack on their holiday, Simchat Torah, ”  and he chuckled; “It celebrates the receiving of the their Holy Script.”

It was a good choice of day.

“We want the Israelis to over react, so send in the most brutal men in your unit, have them rape, decapitate, especially the children, and take hostages.   This will drive the Jews crazy, and that is what we want.”

The men agreed, went out, put together their unit, went in, and did as planned.  They murdered, they disfigured the corpses, they raped the women, cut them up and decapitated a number of children, while taking a portion hostage.  They filmed all this to put on their ‘private’ blogs to enrage Israelis even further.

They left the Kibbutz, went into a tunnel, handing the hostages to various others who would imprison them at diverse places.  They continued to the border.

They listened to the broadcasts of Israel’s reaction to their incursion.  As time passed more and more of the ”respectable’ news services revealed their bias.  They would make Palestinians look so pathetic and helpless, and Israelis so evil!  The men had to laugh, for the leader was right.  People hated Jews more than anyone.

” According to their numbers we are responsible for over forty thousand terrorist attacks..” one began, “in which over two hundred thousand people were killed.   Yet! Listen to the BBC!  Israel is the aggressor!  Israel is to be condemned!!”  and they laughed and laughed.

As the war continued, as the hatred for Jews went world wide, they appreciated how brilliant their leader was. How he knew that this would happen.   They had not realised how much the world hated Jews.   That they, a known terrorist organisation, (and proud of it) would be supported by University Professors in America and governments in countries like Brazil and South Africa had been unexpected.

The men crossed the border, going to another stronghold, waiting until after the war ended to set up another strike, not on Israel but in nations in which the hatred of Jews had manifested.  It would make their attacks so much easier now that the world was on their side.


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Written by jaylar


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