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Mea Culpa

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to any of you who were exposed to my informatory comments yesterday, because they were entirely unacceptable and Virily is not the place for such unseemly behavior. A mature person would’ve handled it in the proper forum; via private messages. But I didn’t choose to handle it maturely, instead allowing things to devolve into a flame war. I am not going to make any excuses for my unacceptable behavior, because there is no excuse for it

I know better than that, and set a bad example for new users who might now think that Virily is the sort of place where tantrums are tolerated. They aren’t. Or at least, they shouldn’t be. Not here. Most of the users here are decent folks with good manners and shouldn’t have to deal with such pettiness. I was raised better than that, but I let my parents down along with everyone else here who once thought better of me

If you can see fit to look past my shameful display, I would be much obliged but if you can’t then I completely understand and can’t hold any grudges, since it is rightfully your place to hold the grudge in this situation. At least believe that I deeply regret the incident ever occurred and I will strive to behave like someone you could consider your peer in the future, as I hope that I’ve done in the past

Almost every day, deepizzaguy posts something about an individual who sets a good example by their righteous behavior, but then I act like an obnoxious child in a schoolyard brawl. Even if I am incapable of being a righteous man, I can at least act with common decency. Or if I am incapable of that, then I have no business infecting Virily with my toxic behavior. It has no place here, and I know better

Being sassy is one thing, and I’m not above that. Most of you are above it, but you’ve been kind enough to tolerate my sass in the past and I hope that you will continue to do so but I will never ask you to allow me to be openly rude in the way I was yesterday. That was disrespectful to the entire community, a community that I helped build. Nobody here deserved to be exposed to my spite, and I am ashamed that I so thoughtlessly brought it to a place that many of you believed to be a safe and nurturing environment

That was never my intention. I pledge you my word that I will never behave in such an awful manner again here


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