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May I

Ask if that seat beside you is taken.

May I 

Speak from the depth of my soul.

May I 

Hold your hand,

So you can feel the vibration

of my truth thru the pulse of my being.

May I 

Tell you that I know nobody’s perfect

And we’re all susceptible to silly things,

But er…

Those diamonds in your eyes

Are more than enough

to drive my witty wild.

May I say

Even tho I don’t know you all that well,

I like the fact that you’re fun and you’re bubbly.

May I say

That you’re lovely like a ray of light

which dresses up the smile upon my face,

And when I sing

I’ll want to say them things like

Baby girl let down your mane

And come dance in my rain.

May I say

That I think your heart is like a river

born out of a fountain that never sleeps,

And if I was a tree

I’d choose to be a weeping willow

Just to sap from the essence of your love.

May I further say

You’re like a chapter

from a book I’d never want to end,

Each page never written

is the story ever to be told

And every verse will be

the sonnet that I’m yet down to pen…

May I?Copyright © 2018         Bradley M. Tremmil  


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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