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Madonna and Child Watercolor

Madonna and Child Watercolor

I love striped things.  Not sure why.  Striped cats, tigers, striped shirts, Zebra, you name it.  So it was only natural for me to want to paint zebras and tigers.  I found that if I use a masking fluid to mask out areas where I want little hairs I can paint background colors right over it and pull the mask off later to reveal the hairs.  Unfortunately I went a little overboard with this one and the mother looks like she’s having a bad hair day or eating hairy hay.  I loved that the little baby is shy hiding behind mama but when I showed this painting in classrooms, the children all laughed at the baby bottom.  I thought it was cute.  Still it was a fun painting to do.

I used indigo blue and not black for the strips.  Black is such a flat nothing color.  It is called Lamp Black and is literally made from the soot from lamps.  Indigo hoever has a blue-grey feel when thinned and looks more natural and lifelike.

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