“Love” Poems For Kathy Number Fourteen


I have timed this well,

this poetic re-entry when reason retraces

my loss via such intricate analysis

that a gloriously gleaming hell

glitters out of meaningless dross

and the girl – whom I cannot believe believes –

stands up but is at a loss

to defend what is indefensible. She grieves,

head down and indignant, heart a-pump

with vain-glorious nothingness, but where

her dark hair swoons all of its black

shadows over me, and her divided rump

shows such dark hairs and such vainglorious pink,

what should I tell when the globes of her dung

and her desperate tenderness, making magnificent stink,

dump honeyed excretions down on my tongue?

(from “”Love” Poems For Kathy / Green. Laced. Leaves”)

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Written by Jonathan Finch