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Look at my sister’s menagerie and crochet creation

My sister, just like me loves to crochet. But unlike me, she crochets and sells some of her creations. Above, you can see a collection of teddy bears that she crocheted, stuffed and sewed together. Arent’s they cute and cuddly. Perfect for a small baby or child or even adult if you need companionship.

Now you can see a cute little blue monkey complete with ears and what looks like pants.

Next is this cute little koala bear with a bow tie on its ear. Cute enough to cuddle with. And with eyelashes no less.

And now this little long eared puppy dog. I do not know exactly what breed but still very handsome with his bowtie.

Next up is this adorable looking kitty complete with a beautiful collar and pink paw prints.

But my sister dows not only crochet stuffed animals, She also crochet beautiful afghans and slippers galore. Just check the next pictures.

Here are all the slippers she made so far.

Oh and also just to give you an update. She absolutely adored the gift I gave her for Christmas and her Birthday. Below is the picture of that gift as I have posted in an earlier post.

So what do you think of my sister’s crafts? Let me know. BTW she has a facebook page exclusively for these crafts if some of you are interested. I hope I am not infringing on any of Virily’s rules and regulations by mentinoning this but at least I did nor write down the name of that facebook page.

Thank you for reading and commenting. (BTW all these photos are my own or my sister’s)


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    • What do you mean Alex. Your craft is your vivid imagination, your initial pen drawing, composition, putting everything together and creating virtual reality masterpieces. If that is not craftsmanship, I do not know what is. But still thank you on behalf of my sister for the wonderful comment and endorsement of her crafting fingers. Also as usual, a big thanks for your up vote.

    • Yes I know about giving out the facebook page as Virily confirmed this with me. But this specific page lists her items for sale including the prices, the material used etc. So I am still not sure that I can post it because it is basically a seller’s site and thus advertising. I will have to clear it up with Virily. I know that some of the Virilyans use their post to sell handicrafts but since this is not me but rather my sister, I am still not too sure. But anyway, thank you for visiting, commenting, up voting etc. I appreciate it very much.

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