Lizzy Borden – WIP

The problem with creating art which includes a ghost is that if you make the specter even semitransparent then the background shows through and that most likely compromises your composition. How then should you indicate to the viewer that you’re portraying a spirit without reducing the opacity?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a satisfactory answer to this dilemma. Do you know a solution?


What do you think?


  1. it seems like I could try it both ways and get good results, but for this particular piece she really needed to be completely opaque and that made her less of an apparition to me…

  2. Interesting question, my friend. Interesting question, my friend. Inspire, and arouse curiosity. I had never thought about it and had never had that difficulty because I had never painted a ghost. But in my opinion, you are able to show it very well.