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Yokai test – WIP

Yokai are a type of Japanese ghost, it’s a wide category. I prefer my yokai to be female and hot but that is by no means representative of the entire yokai community. Although it does seem to be representative of my artistic preference…

#1 cute hair

here she is with weapons, boots and a cute hairdo

9 points
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#2 go

this piece has a nice balance

7 points
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#3 ichi

this particular yokai died of violence, and these kinds return for vengeance 

6 points
    • in this context, it is uncertain. if she feels her injustice is avenged, she might just fade away. Or she could become blinded by rage and just kill indiscriminately…

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#4 shi

her eyes would still glow here, but obviously less than a darker piece

6 points
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#5 ni

even though brighter, this one seems to glow in an otherworldly way

5 points
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#6 san

but then dark is also spooky. I want her eyes to glow in the final

4 points
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What do you think?

18 points


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