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Kingyo Hime – WIP

Quite some time ago, I had the idea of a goldfish princess riding sidesaddle on a giant goldfish. And this was years before Ponyo came out, just so you get an idea of how old we’re talking here. At any rate, I worked on it for a while and then started the process of shelving it and then taking it out intermittently but never making much headway

I am currently in the “Let’s see if I can finish it this time” mood, but we’ll see how long that lasts…

#1 wardrobe test

Don't ask me why she'd need an umbrella underwater, but believe me when I tell you she won't go anywhere without it... I will have to mess around with the materials settings but this is most likely the wardrobe she'll be using


What do you think?

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  1. I like the Geisha outfit more than the other one…and the umbrella? The umbrella is quite necessary because it has a secret power. When opened, it radiates a transparent shield that could protect her from enemies. When folded, she can use the pointed part to rouse from sleep sleeping subjects. Now, if only someone could have the ingenuity of devising an umbrella that can float above seawater with attached breathing equipment on it so non-swimmers can enjoy snorkeling without babysitter.

      • Duh! Socks is where you keep extra ammunition and sometimes food. With the shortness of the length of her robe, I doubt if it could serve the purpose. So socks it is. Plus, you know, if their coffeemaker underwater run out of disposable filters, she can use it as well. A girl has to be prepared for such emergency, you see.

          • Lol! I was kidding about the sock coffee…it was a joke from childhood. There was a local guy whose business was to sell brewed coffee near the wharf in our town. My friends and I often joke among ourselves that the reason prolly a lot of people go there to have their morning coffee was because the old guy was using his old socks as filter hahaha. Sorry if it sounded offensive.

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